My Little Piece of the Web

(Very little so far, but here are some offerings for your amusement and/or edification)

Assorted Stuff:

Building Really Tiny Things - My Modeling Adventures (really large pages)

Personal Survival Kits - Some Thoughts (larger page)

Some of My Favorite Quotes

Nostalgia - Bits of Old Stuff I've Found Lying Around

Things That Tick Me Off!

The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery - A Critical Analysis of a Non-Profit Entity (opinion)

A Piece of Amelia Earhart's Aircraft? - A Critical Analysis of A 30-Year-Old Saga (opinion)

When the 'Preponderance of Evidence' ... Isn't - A Critical Analysis of Archaeological Findings in a Famous Mystery (opinion)

To AEP, the Only Good Tree is a DEAD Tree (large page)

Mountaintop Removal / Valley Fill Strip Mining is Killing West Virginia!

A Brief Message for You Muslim Extremists Out There (with sound)

The New American Brown Shirts (with sound)

Radio Frequency Identification - Now Big Brother Can Track EVERYTHING

Hey Dottie Black - Pay Your Bills!

Food, Glorious Food:

Soldier Food - Military Rations Over the Last Few Wars  (really, really large page)

No One Really Eats This Stuff ... Do They? (large page)

Just How Good/Bad/Ugly Is It? - The Golden Toilet Bowl Ratings (with sound)

Random Meanderings:

Down The River! - Whitewater Rafting Adventures Across the USA

The Cayman Islands - Going to Hell and Other Interesting Places


Coming at some point. Not "coming soon," like all those lame websites announce, and the same "coming soon" banner is still there three years later.

Miscellaneous Detritus:

Think You're Important? Then Click Here!

I Am Insane

Monday Is Our Favorite Day Of The Week - Yeah, Right!

And Tuesday Is Our Next Most Favorite Day!

The Jury Is Still Out On Wednesdays

Thursday, There's A Glimmer Of Hope

Friday - TGIF! The Day We All Really Live For


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